CoPilot Cam V2

CoPilot Cam V2
CoPilot Cam V2
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The all new CoPilot Cam V2 (Version 2) has just been released for 2015.  It  is a more durable self-stabilizing version of the world's best fly-behind tether mount camera system.  It mounts on any wing (where it will avoid wrap-ups) such as paraglider or hang glider wings, and follows your every move like your own personal videographer. IT MAY GET WRAPPED UP EASILY on Kites  -  NOT INTENDED FOR USE WITH KITES.

The CoPilot Cam V2 features re-inforced-edge Mylar fins that will stay flat and stabilize the mount in any direction.  Mylar is a thick, super tough material and retains its rigidity and shape well.  The biggest advantage of the V2 over the original CoPilot Cam is the durability of these fins and the way the unit packs down.  You can drop the mount without worrying that the small rods may get snapped, put the fins in your pocket for easy carry with no damage, and the collapsible type reduces to about 1/3 of the full size. Also, there are NO Zipties, key rings, or other parts to easily get snagged on bridles lines or objects on/near the ground.

The CoPilot Cam is made to use with any GoPro camera, and is not only very light weight, but very easy to store, collapsing for easy carry.  If you want steady, follow-behind shooting off your wing that follows you in all the action without any extra work, the CoPilot Cam V2 is the rig for you.

The CoPilot Cam includes fly-behind camera mount with fins and weak link, and GoPro camera mount.
Does NOT include a GoPro camera.

This was designed with intended use for Paragliding or Hang-gliding.  
IT MAY GET WRAPPED UP EASILY on Kites, and is NOT intended for use with kites.

The only place to attach on a kite will likely leave it wrapped up in your flylines or bridles when you loop the kite or turn sharply for transitions or jumps.


Check out the Rigging Your CoPilot Tutorial from Specked Out owner and Salt-Lake-City-area resident and paragliding instructor Blake Pelton:

GoPro CoPilot Cam Tutorial from Blake Pelton on Vimeo.

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