North Airport Screw Valve North Airport Screw Valve North Airport Screw Valve
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The North Airport inflate/deflate screw valve will replace the inflate/deflate valve on all North Kites 2014-2017 except the 2014 Vegas.

From the leaders in kite repair technology,'s Self-Stick Valves will stick on all bladders. Simply peel and stick to make a fast and easy repair on an old bladder or attach to a brand new bladder. The specially formulated adhesive is incredibly durable making for a permanent repair. Everything needed for installing the new valve is included in the package: alcohol wipe and detailed instructions.

The "Add Velcro" option provides you with Velcro attached at the base of the valve as you would see on an original factory bladder. The Velcro on the valve adheres to the Velcro on the inside of the leading edge casing, preventing the bladder from twisting when tightening the screw-cap.

The "Bladder Patch Install Kit" option is for use when your old valve has to be cut out of the bladder leaving a hole in the bladder larger than the patch of the standard screw valve. The Bladder Patch Install Kit includes a baggie of talcum powder and a 6x6-Inch (15.24 x 15.24cm) adhesive patch. Use the talcum powder and large patch to patch the large hole cut in the bladder, and then install the screw valve on top of the patch. If your old valve peels off of your bladder easily, you do NOT need the bladder patch kit.

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